Enjoy self healing meditations & nature's wisdom videos
Access to self healing meditations & nature's wisdom videos
Here you can gain access to unique guided meditations for self healing – Inner Peace, Body Awareness, Women’s Healing, Abundance Practices, and more. You will also be able to enjoy our unique nature’s wisdom video blog : The language of the universe expressed. Free & Unlimited

Welcome to You are Mind Body Spirit. We hold the space for you to align with your authentic self, raise your energy level, your spiritual awareness, your wellness, joy and health. Our aim is to help you truly feel HOME in your body and to really experience your whole self & authentic presence.
Here you can:
– Enjoy free meditations and our Nature’s wisdom video blog
– Learn Meditation and Energy Awareness outside the rulebooks and religious structures – Rio de Janeiro
– Learn about Female Creative Energy live in Rio.
– Learn Meditation via art and visualisation for Children of all ages live in Rio.
– Have 1:1 Meditation and Mindfulness Coaching in Rio de Janeiro.
– Learn and practice Meditation online and in your own time in our online Meditation Sanctuary
– Join live online Meditation & Energy awareness courses with professionally trained teachers online.
– Join our Abundance School offering Abundance training for beginners and advanced students.
– Intuitive life coaching 1:1 Life Path, Healing, Spiritual Guidance and Creativity Coaching.

Raising your mind, body, spirit awareness will help you to match and manifest your hearts desires.

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